My Brothers Keeper Branding was created as a way to bring awareness to the ongoing plague in America when it comes to racial inequality. We empower individuals to brand themselves as positive influences in the community, and focus on bringing awareness and change to the everyday lives of black people. The spirit of My Brothers Keeper is not to divide people of different races, but rather to provide a platform to bring the greater community together in times of hardship and confusion. “Silence is Violence”, and we need a diverse alliance using their voices and interacting to further push this message and bring about social justice and change.

My Brothers Keeper is dedicated to giving back and donating to various organizations around the country. We are working hard to give back harder. We were founded with the mission of uplifting black communities, and will be using our resources to build community and leadership programs, funds for bailing protestors out of jails, and educational programs to continue building a larger community of support for social justice.